Wilbur is a dog who embraces life.
    He came off transport very clearly stressed but once he arrived at his foster home he seemed to relax almost immediately and hasn’t looked back.
    Wilbur loves people and can be a bit pushy in making sure he gets his share of attention but he has no aggression.
    He is good on lead and enjoys his walks and has come across horses and bikes and other dogs and just takes them in his stride. Worth mentioning though that he is quite strong on the lead but this will probably improve over time.
    He was found to have a rather deep seated ear infection but was brilliantly behaved at the vets and willingly got into the car for the journey there…in fact he seems to enjoy car rides.
    Wilbur could possibly live as an only dog but there is a female dog in the same foster and he does enjoy playing with her.
    He lives with a cat but his foster thinks he may well chase outside of the home.
    Wilbur is around 5 years old and is in foster in Swindon.