This is a dog that’s very easy to fall for, he looks at you with his beautiful brown eyes and you melt.
    Meet Wiggins. He is now around 7 years and has been here for around 6 of those.
    Changes in the household dynamics meant that Wiggins was being bullied and so a temporary move was made to a family friend where he has been living as an only dog which suits him well.
    He adores human interaction and is a very contented dog when his human is around but he also settles nicely if he has to be left.
    Wiggins can be reactive to other dogs outside of the home so is best walked in quiet places but he now is walked on a harness giving his walker more control and this has worked well.
    He has made friends with a little dog who lives locally and the two of them are fine walking together and the dog comes to stay if his owners are away.
    Wiggins would suit someone who permanently works from home or a retired couple who have plenty of time to devote to him.
    Wiggins is currently living in Warminster.