Sydney is now around 8 years old and was adopted about 7 years ago primarily for the son in the family. He has now left home and couldn’t take her with him and Mum and daughter are now working very long hours (10+) in the care sector and Sydney is missing them and trying every which way to get out to the point that they are becoming concerned for her safety.
    It is with a very heavy heart that they feel it is in Sydney’s best interests to find her a new home with someone who has plenty of time to give her.

    Sydney is not used to meeting new people, and will need someone who understands the time and space that she initially needs, for that person to gradually gain her trust and then to help her to learn that she is safe when other people come into her space.
    She cannot be homed with children or cats and although she has always lived as an only dog she may be able to be homed alongside a calm dog.
    She is fully housetrained and good out on the lead.

    Sydney is currently in Trowbridge.