Occasionally we get a dog that really struggles, and Oscar is one of those.

    We suspect that Oscar is a discarded yard dog who has never seen anything of the world so freaks out completely at anything new.
    He has come a long way from the dog he was, after being with his carer for over a year. She has worked really hard with him but cannot keep him much longer due to changes in circumstances.
    Oscar bonds quickly and closely with ‘his’ people. He is intelligent and loving when he knows you. He is living in a multi dog household where other dogs visit and once he knows the dogs he lives happily alongside them and loves a game of chase and rough and tumble.
    He doesn’t trust people outside his immediate circle and although he can become used to regular visitors, meet ups need to be managed carefully and he has to be muzzled.
    Oscar doesn’t cope well outside the home. Everything is completely overwhelming for him and he reacts badly towards any living thing he sees. Walks aren’t enjoyable for him or anyone else so he needs to be somewhere where there is a large garden to exercise or where people have private land or can go to a secure field where he won’t see anyone.

    In a world where everyone wants perfect Oscar doesn’t fit. All we can do is hope that there is a special person out there with an Oscar shaped hole in their life.

    Currently in foster in Trowbridge, Wiltshire