Homer is still languishing in kennels in Wiltshire and is really lonely.
    He cries and howls when visitors leave.
    He needs to be out and in a home environment.
    Homer is a lovely boy who found the journey here and subsequent moving into a home for the first time overwhelming and he became confused, over stimulated and wasn’t sure what was expected of him.
    He has now had time to decompress and is ready to start again.
    He needs a calm home, with one or two dog confident adults and initially no visitors. He needs people who will equally look after him and who can let him chill and adjust in his own time.
    He needs to learn the boundaries and not to be given too much freedom to begin with as it becomes overwhelming for him.
    We believe Homer is a collie mix, so someone with experience of this breed would be great.
    Meet ups can be arranged at kennels for anyone interested in fostering this lovely boy.