This is a post about Kathy and Homer and they both need help (written with Kathy’s permission ).
    We have been looking for a long time now for the right home for Homer. After unsuccessful placements Homer went into foster with Kathy whose immediate response was that he was lovely and nothing like she was expecting.
    After a few weeks we found an adopter for Homer but just before he left for his new home Kathy was diagnosed with cancer and had started chemotherapy.
    Unfortunately Homers adoption broke down, mostly we believe because the adopters would not engage with us and refused to take on board the advice we were trying to give them.
    He needed an emergency move and Kathy didn’t hesitate in taking him back.
    During the first phase of Kathy’s treatment she felt much better than she had expected and all was going really well but now Kathy is in the next phase of her treatment and it’s knocked her for six and she is exhausted.
    She is now extremely upset, she loves Homer and is so worried about him going and it going wrong again and her not being able to help so it has never been more important for us to find the right home for this super boy.
    Kathy’s home is just right for Homer so we’re looking for similar. Kathy is very relaxed around dogs and puts no pressure on the dogs whatsoever. She has no expectations and is guided by the dog as to what it can cope with. Homer has always been reactive to new people coming to the home but it is recognised and dealt with.
    Homer is the most loving dog once he knows and trusts you.
    He loves going out for walks and is now living with a very confident cat.
    I’m a great believer in there being the right home for every dog and that so much in life is about timing.
    Well the time is now for finding that right home for Homer so whoever you are please step forward…Kathy and Homer need you 🤞