Finn is ready to look for his adoptive home.
    He would prefer a home with another playful resident dog.
    Finn needs a fairly active family with a secure garden where someone is home all day and where any children are respectful 12+

    This is what his carer has to say about him.

    “Well what can we say about Finn…When he stepped off the bus into the sun, the first thing he did was waggle his tail to which everyone gave a collective “awww”. An hour later, he’d jumped up onto his foster mum’s lap on the sofa and fallen asleep snuggled up.
    He is not afraid of anything, absolutely loves living life to the full and greets everyone he meets by a gentle paw and leaning his head into them for a cuddle. He is a very very smart dog and picks up any training quickly, although it does mean he knows how to use a door handle too! His dominant breed appears to be German Shepherd which likely explains his smartness. He is a very handsome boy, with gorgeous big ears and piercing amber eyes that capture the attention of all who meet him. He is toilet trained, sleeps through the night and has learned to sit patiently for his food.
    He adores any kind of attention, both from humans and other dogs – he and our younger dog play constantly together. We think he would hugely benefit from being in a house with another dog that would want to play with him. He also loves playing with a ball, often bringing it over to ask to play fetch. Not yet cat tested.
    His passport says he is 4 but we were originally told 2 and, having both a 2 yr old and 4 yr old dog ourselves, we think he is much more like 2 both physically and temperament-wise. He is energetic with lovely long legs and would love the chance to make best use of them on long walks and/or runs. He is ready to meet his forever family now, who he is likely to show unconditional love to from day one.”