Cookie is around 5-6 years old. We don’t know Cookies history but we do know that when we saw him in the public shelter he was trying to find a ‘safe space’ and hid behind the back of the kennel.
    You can never tell what a dog will be like when it arrives at its foster home here in the UK.
    Like us ..all dogs have different personalities and different life experiences. Some dogs will arrive in a home and straight away feel safe whilst for others it can make them even more stressed.
    Cookie is around half way between the two. He is still shy but has made significant progress particularly with his female carer but is still very shy with the male carer which has been a huge disappointment to him as he very much wanted to play an active role with Cookie.
    His carers now feel they have taken him as far as they can so we are now looking for someone else to help with the rehabilitation of this super cute boy.
    There are no special tricks that can be employed to fast track this…it’s about time and patience.
    So….we would love for there to be adoption potential as we don’t want Cookie bounced from one place to the next. He will certainly be helped by living with another dog to two who can lead by confident example. Cookie has shown that he can enjoy the human touch but so far only with a female. He has not yet been confidant enough to accept a harness or lead.
    Please contact us for a chat if you feel you have the home to offer Cookie that could help him to build his confidence.
    He is currently living in Coleford in the Forest of Dean area.