This is a heartfelt appeal on behalf of bolle, a leash of life rescue dog. He’s not had an easy time of things since his adoption broke down, hasn’t really settled anywhere, and now needs a new home urgently as his current carers’ circumstances are changing.

    Bolle is exceptionally intelligent and loves to work for you. He has just about completed a foundation agility course and honestly, I’m excited to see how far he could go. He walks well on a lead, but gets very excited when seeing other dogs he can’t get to. Off the lead, he will happily greet dogs with a play bow! He is clean in the house and enjoys lying in the garden ( though he will bark at those pesky pigeons!)

    Bolle is not the kind of dog you make friends with, rather you wait for him to make friends with you. He seeks out affection on his terms, he can be almost overly friendly when first meeting someone. But I’ve found it very important to keep giving him the opportunity to move away, he doesn’t always know how to take himself out of a situation he’s finding tricky.

    He hates having his neck touched, or things put over his head.

    The dream home I see for bolle is one with perhaps a confident dog of a similar size, with confident, active people. People who will continue his agility training, take bolle on adventures, and allow him to be the amazing dog I know him to be, without putting too many pressures and expectations on him. I’d be more than happy to chat more with anyone who might be interested, please pm me, or go to the Leash of Life Facebook page and enquire through there.