Arlo needs an urgent new home/foster.
    He is sadly the result of being in what in hindsight is the wrong home for him.
    Arlo is a one year old neutered boy who has been with the same people since he was 4 months old.
    The home is a busy one where routine changes daily and Arlo has become completely stressed out.
    Partly due to lockdown he has also not had socialisation so is scared of new people and dogs and can be reactive to them.
    We have recently had someone working with him, taking him out on walks and slowly start to get him used to new things and he is gradually improving but he cannot be turned around until he is in a quieter home where he can start to relax.
    Arlo needs a person or a couple who are calm and dog confident. He needs boundaries set and a solid routine in place. He needs a secure garden, someone home all day and to be initially walked in quiet, country areas.
    Once he knows a dog he is fine and loves to play, so having another friendly dog in the home may be just what he needs.
    He is likely to find moving after such a long time very stressful and he will grieve the loss of his home and family. He will need people who understand this and who will let him adjust in his own time without placing too many expectations on him.
    Arlo’s siblings arrived in UK at the same time as him and are all doing well so we know that he too will be a great dog with a little work.