Adele is a year old Lurcher type girl, possibly with some Border Collie in her mix.
    She arrived very scared and shut down from her experiences but has started to really come out of her shell.
    However, as she has got braver she has now become too much for the resident dog who doesn’t have the same energy levels. The resident dog is continuously telling Adele off and wont let her approach her person. Things are getting very strained between the dogs and it really isn’t a good match.
    Adele needs to be in a calm, adult only home. It is essential there is another resident dog as she needs the interaction and gets all her confidence from having another dog around. The resident dog needs to be playful but able to tell her when enough is enough.
    Adele needs time in the home to trust and is no where near ready to try walks yet. She is only a very young dog and has the makings of a wonderful dog in the right home.