There are some dogs that it just doesn’t work out for as we had hoped.
    Aby is one such dog. She was in foster with a view to adopt but the family has been beset with problems and last week those escalated when a family member was rushed into hospital and the family have been spending all day at the hospital which meant that Aby was left home alone.
    We found emergency foster but the family don’t now feel in a position to have her back and the temporary foster has her planned dog arriving next week and can’t cope with a pup and a new arrival.
    Aby really needs to settle now in a forever home. She is around 6 months old and is not yet speyed so would need to be with another female dog or a neutered male. She has been living as an only and if that were to be the case again she would need someone around for the majority of the day to help her to settle after a couple of moves.

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