Adoptions Steps

    Step 1. Please read through our Adoption Information

    Step 2. Look through our Dogs to Adopt to choose a potential new member of the family

    Step 3. Complete Adoption Application.

    One of our volunteers will contact you by email or call you to chat through your application. If your application meets the dogs’ needs we will then contact you to arrange a home check.Meet ups with suitable dogs will then be arranged

    Adoption Information

    Please read through all information prior to completing an application or sending a message.

    The majority of our dogs have experienced some form of trauma in their lives and require gentle, consistent, positive care and training.  We do NOT condone the use of force, dominance based training or any negative reinforcements such as choke chains or shock collars.

    Time is required to build a strong bond of trust.

    Many of our dogs have never lived in a house or been walked on a lead before arrival in England so any new experiences will need to be introduced slowly and gradually.

    We will never hide any behavioural or physical issues that a dog may have but, as with any living creature issues can arise over time.

    We ask all potential adopters to fully consider the time, commitment and expense of having a dog before they apply. Adopters need to be prepared to spend time training and working with any problems that could occur, including using qualified, recommended behaviourists if needs be.

    We ask a total adoption fee of £425

    We use this money to cover your dogs vaccinations, de-worming, flea treatment, microchip, chip registration, EU passport, vet check, transport, ongoing care and spaying/neutering if old enough. We also send £10 of each adoption fee to Romania to help towards the cost of neutering/spaying a dog there.

    You will be asked to complete an adoption contract. This states your responsibilities to the dog.

    If, in the future circumstances mean that you can no longer keep the dog it must be returned to Leash of Life for re-homing.  This is to ensure that the dog stays safe and cared for, for the entirety of its life.

    Adoption Criteria

    • Our minimum age for adoption is 21
    • Our maximum age for adoption is 80 (age and energy levels of dogs will be taken into consideration for our more mature applicants as we want our dogs to go to homes where they are able to live out their lives and have the level of care and exercise they require).
    • We are unable to consider homing any dog where there are children under 8. For homes with children 8 – 12 we would only be able to offer one of our more confident puppies under 6 months old. Applications also depend on children’s confidence and respect around dogs.
    • We are unable to consider applications from anyone without a private secure garden with direct access from the home.
    • Someone must be at home a good part of the day.  We cannot take applications from anyone working full time (unless from home) or where they have regular long absences.