Pip is a friendly 6 year old Shar Pei


    Due to Covid we are still not quite back to normal operation and although we are mostly able to home locally, being able to get home checks done further afield is still proving difficult in some areas of the country

    All our dogs travelling from Romania since May this year are now tested for Brucellosis as well as for all tick bourne diseases, Heartworm, Parvovirus and Distemper.

    About us

    Leash of Life has been established since 2013.We are comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who simply do it for the love of the dogs.

    The vast majority of our dogs are rescued from the streets and shelters of Romania where they suffer unimaginable hardship, neglect and cruelty.We also wherever possible help to rehome locally based English dogs.

    We have a small team of mainly Wiltshire based volunteer foster carers who start new arrivals on their way to a better life by taking them in to their homes, teaching them ground rules, house training, how to walk on a lead etc and assess them for the type of home they are suited to.

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